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Icfes Social

We are an institution that recognizes and values the quality of education as the key to build scenarios of social inclusion, contribute to the economic and labor competitiveness of the country and strengthen common learning spaces, such as classrooms.
Our core essence of transforming the results of the State tests is an opportunity to identify the learning needs and skills appropriation of people at any stage of their lives.
Today, we journey across the country learning from our children and young people, from their socio-emotional contexts, from how they acquire knowledge and transform it into life skills.
Join us in this journey through the national territory with the icfes.



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Imagen de Michael Kremer, premio Nobel de Economía, en entrevista con Noticias Caracol

Imagen de plantilla de respuestas con lápiz, taja lápiz y borrador

Persona con discapacidad presentando los exámenes de estado.

Niño resolviendo prueba de ICFES