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Back Andrés Molano Flechas, new General Director of Icfes

Photography by Luis Benitez

Bogota, September 13th, 2022. In the presence of President Gustavo Petro, Andrés Molano Flechas, psychologist and holder of a master’s degree in education from Universidad de los Andes, was appointed as General Director of the Colombian Institute for Education Evaluation – ICFES, for its acronym in Spanish.

The new General Director of the Institute had been working to date as an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at Universidad de los Andes. He also holds a master's degree in Prevention Sciences and Practice Program in Education with emphasis in Human Development from Harvard University. His academic and advocacy work on public policy has been focused on evaluating the development of social and emotional skills throughout life, in contexts as diverse as those seen in Colombia, the Middle East and the United States.

Dr. Molano's experience and knowledge are a great asset for the National Government to lead ICFES and to put education right at the center of the country's reflections and discussions. This will also ensure that the methods and actions that emerge from these reflections count with all the technical thoroughness that has always been embedded in the institute, to guarantee an education of quality and make human development a real opportunity for social and productive transformation.

"After one of the most difficult crises the world has experienced in the last decades, learning gaps have increased, and social and emotional development have become a topic of interest for the entire education community. ICFES plays a leadership role towards achieving these objectives, as the main partner of the whole education community in the collective construction of an education of quality and a holistic learning in our country," said the new General Director.

At ICFES, we transform knowledge together.